Student Testimonies

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Brittany, a former Anchorsaway student, speaks about the importance of solid friendships. The content for this talk can be found in the Anchorsaway lesson, “How Do I Build Healthy Relationships?”

Alex, a former Anchorsaway student, speaks about having faith and trust in God in the midst of any circumstances. The importance of knowing that God will never abandon us is also highlighted.

Alex, a college graduate, shares about having a purpose in Christ even when we may not see forward progress immediately.

Andy, a youth pastor and former Anchorsaway student, shares about living a double life. He highlights the importance of living out Christ in all of life and how as brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to challenge each other and have a reliable accountability partner.

Matt, former Anchorsaway student, shares testimony about the importance of making wise decisions, trusting in God, having an accountability partner and using one’s time wisely in college.