Anchorsaway Program Administrator

Have you caught the vision of what an Anchorsaway curriculum could do in your community? Are you excited about being a part of young men and women growing in their identity and in what God is calling them to do and to be on their college campus or in the workplace? Are you connected in your community and known as someone who is respected by the life you lead? Are you a detail person? Do you follow through with projects that you begin? If so, this ministry opportunity is for you! Your role would not be that of a teacher, but rather as a leader of people and an overseer of your site. You are critical to the group’s success. If you sense God has led you to accept this position, you can trust Him to equip you to meet the challenge!
To be a successful program administrator, you must be a person with excellent organizational abilities. You will have authority over the program and help choose the leadership team. This core group of leaders includes the teacher(s) and men and women serving as small group leaders. You may also choose others to help with some of the duties specified in the section, “Timeline for Establishing a New Anchorsaway Site”.
  • Choose a team to launch Anchorsaway into your community. This includes the teacher, assistant teacher, small group leaders, and community support helpers.
  • Secure a meeting location (See “Where should Anchorsaway classes meet?” under the Frequently Asked Questions section).  
  • Assist the teaching leader in training the small group leaders.
  • Print off the Statement of Faith from the Anchorsaway website under About Us or the teacher’s site under Getting Started. Be sure to have the teacher, assistant teacher, and all small group leaders read and sign the statement.
  • Meet with prospective junior and senior high school students in churches and para-church groups to tell them about Anchorsaway. The teaching leader and the small group leaders will also do this. For outlines of these presentations, click here.
  • Two to three weeks before the start of the program, coordinate with the teacher to meet with one or two students from each of the high schools in the area, who are willing to serve as point people for Anchorsaway in their schools, answer questions about the class and invite their friends.
  • Order the Anchorsaway Worldview Handbooks for students and small group leaders and obtain the other necessary supplies, such as name tags, 3 x 5 cards, pens, etc.
  • Oversee the teacher. Make sure that he/she has all that he/she needs to teach effectively. Communicate regularly with the teaching leader.
  • Manage the finances, or enlist a volunteer to handle this responsibility.
  • Create and maintain an up-to-date record system of the students’ attendance in order to follow up with them once they have completed the Anchorsaway class and have transitioned to college or the workplace. Check the Extras tab for the student contact information template. Please be sure to email the student and leader roster to [email protected]. This will register the students and leaders with the National Anchorsaway Database.
  • Print name tags for each class. For the first week, put colored dots or numbers on the name tags, with each color or number designating the assigned small group. They will remain with the same small group throughout the entire Anchorsaway program, unless they are insistent on changing to another group. Use your own judgment as to how to deal with such situations.
  • Find someone willing to bake cookies or bring water every week. (optional)
You may use the attachments below as guidelines for casting the vision for Anchorsaway. The first is to be used in a meeting with adults in your community who are willing to join the process of making an Anchorsaway class available in your area. The second outline is recommended for use in front of an audience of students.