A Night at Anchorsaway

Each class lasts approximately 2.5 hours, whether it is taught directly or facilitated by use of the lesson videos. Students will be in one large group for the first hour and a half for review, worldview movie clips, interviews and the teaching session. The students then break into small groups for another 30-45 minutes. The small groups are essential for the students to unpack what was learned in the large group. It is a wonderful time for asking questions, sharing and praying together.
Each Anchorsaway class will take on a personality of its own. While commonalities will exist between each class, limitless variables will make each unique. These differences may include size, environment, teachers, small group leaders, and, of course, the profile of the students.

Timeline for a Night at Anchorsaway

We recommend that Anchorsaway be taught in the second semester of students’ junior and senior year of high school. Meeting days and times can vary according to what works best for your students. We recommend a 2.5 hour time block per week, realizing that the students tend to stay around for some social interaction at the conclusion of the class time.

Sample Schedule

6:45 pm

  • Students’ arrival: students sign in, receive name tags and purchase their Anchorsaway Worldview Handbook

7:00 pm

  • Worship: time is spent singing one song and opening in prayer
  • Welcome: teacher greeting and introduction of guests
  • Review of previous lesson: students are asked questions about last week’s topic
  • Presentation of a worldview and a Christian worldview response. The purpose is to help students begin to think critically about how to effectively engage others from a Christian perspective. (These can be found in the Teaching/Facilitators’ Notes.) Where to go for worldview examples:
    • Books
    • Quotes or Famous Sayings
    • Newspaper Articles
    • Magazine Articles
    • Movie Clips: Suggested movie clips demonstrating different worldviews are shown almost every week. You will find clips under the tab, “Movie Clips”. These clips can be downloaded straight to your computer. Students are asked to identify the worldview represented in each movie clip shown and share how it differs from or represents the Christian worldview.
    • Photographs/Graphics
    • Music: Lyrics, Songwriters or Groups
    • Role Playing
  • Personal testimonies: a former/current student or small group leader shares about what God is doing in his/her life (Limit to 5 minutes or less)
  • Questions/answers: questions from the Question Box submitted by the small groups, or students themselves, from the previous week are answered

7:30 pm

  • Teaching lesson: regular teacher presents teaching lesson or introduces the guest speaker who will be teaching
  • Facilitator’s lesson: play the lesson video
  • Questions following lecture: questions from students are answered by the teacher or guest speaker

8:40 pm

  • Small groups: meet following the lecture to discuss the material, address questions and close in prayer