Steps to becoming a Certified Teacher:

Step 1:    On-line bootcamp registration

Step 2:   Online Teacher Training

Step 3:  Submit your syllabus (included in Online Teacher Training) to [email protected]

Step 4:  Anchorsaway will contact you for your exit interview.

All of the videoed teaching lessons taught by founder, Nancy Fitzgerald, and other Christian communicators who are experts in the topics covered, are available on the teacher website. Please contact our office by phone at (317) 844-0381 or email, [email protected] for more information about purchasing DVDs.

*Often times, our Teachers will gift the Student Handbook to a student in their class that may not be able to purchase it at the start of class.

The Teacher’s Worldview Curriculum is designed to help Christians, like you, who are well grounded in the Christian faith and have the gift of teaching. It is written in a consistent format throughout: lesson purpose, goals, checkpoints and the teaching lesson in an easy to follow outline. We have prepared PowerPoints and other teaching helps that can be downloaded once you have become a certified teacher.

The success of your group depends on how well you learn the material to effectively communicate the Christian worldview. As a teacher, you will be given access to lesson videos showing how the lessons have been taught. You will need to read and study the subject matter of each lesson. All the information you’ll need for teaching is written in your Teacher’s Worldview Handbook. There is always more information than you can teach in an hour’s time, so you will not be expected to cover all of what is written within the lessons. If a lesson deals with subject matter you feel you’re not qualified to teach, you can easily download the video corresponding with that particular lesson from the Teacher’s Website and play it for your students.

 The Teacher’s Worldview Curriculum includes all the materials needed to effectively communicate the Christian worldview including:

  • Access to our user friendly teacher website with lesson videos, movie clips, PowerPoints and a myriad of other resources
  • Weekly checklists
  • Opening exercises, lesson introductions, teaching instructions and conclusions
  • Complete teaching notes
  • Suggested review questions
  • Small group discussion guides
  • Recommended reading lists
  • Outstanding comparison charts of different worldviews, religions, cults, Messianic prophecies, creation, and others
  • Outside research position papers from a variety of authors
  • Lesson videos and worldview movie clips, PowerPoint slides and answers to commonly student-asked questions.
  • An Anchorsaway Student Worldview Handbook.*