The Role of a Teacher

The teaching leader is the primary teacher and resource person. He/she ought to be well read and prepared to speak Truth (logos) with gentleness and respect. The teaching leader should have an assistant/substitute who can fill in when he/she cannot be present. The teaching leader and the assistant teaching leader (if there is one) may be enlisted from within a church, school, or the community. It is strongly recommended that neither the teaching leader nor the assistant teaching leader be a pastor or youth minister. It is important that students leave their familiar comfort zones as they begin to own and to personalize their faith.

The following key characteristics are essential for a Teacher:
  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a strong foundation in the Christian worldview, and the energy necessary to meet the challenges of the ministry
  • The gift and passion to teach Truth (This is not a preaching ministry).
  • The motivation to prepare adequately to teach the Christian worldview. (All leaders are strongly encouraged to read Chuck Colson’s book, How Now Shall We Live?, Nancy Pearcey’s book, Total Truth and/or J. Budziszewski’s book, How to Stay Christian in College.)
  • A passion for cultivating spiritual growth in young people, and a vision for their potential to impact their culture
  • Listening, learning, and communication skills with students and adults
  • The ability and desire to recruit a support team of people who are committed to help and pray
  • The administrative ability to plan tasks and follow them through to their completion
  • Mentoring skills – It is important to speak to the needs of students and small group leaders as a coach and mentor, in a non-condescending manner.
  • Flexibility in meeting the needs of students and leaders
  • Demonstrates servant leadership
All those planning to be a teaching leader must either attend an Anchorsaway Worldview Bootcamp in person or complete the online teacher training.