Worldview curriculum FOR HOME SCHOOL

We have had the pleasure of partnering with home school parents in providing an opportunity for you to teach a comprehensive educational biblical worldview curriculum through Anchorsaway. This curriculum offers 2 credits in Bible, 1 credit in literature and 1 credit in composition. The Anchorsaway Home School Curriculum examines biblical apologetics that will equip students to always be prepared to give the reason for the hope that they have in Jesus Christ. 

Your students’ learning will not stop with an understanding of how to defend their faith, but focus on how to live out Jesus in all of life. Upon course completion, it is expected that your students will learn the truths of the Scriptures, live out the truth in everyday life, listen to others, love others unconditionally, and lead others, through the work of the Holy Spirit, into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In order for you to teach this curriculum, you will need to complete the Anchorsaway Online Teacher Training. If you would rather be trained in person with a minimum of 15 other participants, please contact our office by email at [email protected] or by phone at (317) 844-0381. To become a trained teacher online, click Online Training and register. Once we receive your registration, we will send the Online Training syllabus to be filled out as you watch the training videos. When all the videos have been watched and the syllabus completed, you will then return it to our office. We will contact you to talk through any questions that you might have. Upon completion of the training, a certificate of completion of your training will be sent to you. As a certified teacher, you will be able to purchase the Teacher’s Worldview Curriculum along with the Anchorsaway Home School Curriculum in the Anchorsaway online store. Included in the curriculum is access to our user friendly teacher’s website with all the needed content and tools to teach. The textbook for this study is Nancy Pearcy’s book, Total Truth.  This can be purchased through Amazon at reduced rates.

It is our hope that the Anchorsaway curriculum will be used as a tool to reach out beyond the Home School community. We recommend that Anchorsaway be taught in a home within a community to Christian students and to seekers who are juniors and seniors in high school as well as college students.

We would love to know what you think of the curriculum. We are always open for suggestions!