Attributes of God

A 15-Week Christian Worldview Series for High School Students of all ages

Who is God? This question can cause a multitude of reactions by those who feel strongly about what they believe. The way a person perceives God determines the way he will live out his life. Is there a way to know who God is beyond an opinion or experience? The answer is yes! God defines Himself through the Scriptures.

This series teaches one attribute of God per lesson through a story, followed by Scripture that confirms the attribute and then discussion as to why believing the truth about the attribute of God changes the way we think and live.

At the end of each lesson, it is emphasized that in His character, God never changes or contradicts Himself. God is always who He says He is.

If the group is large enough, students break up into small groups at the end of each lesson for discussion and prayer.

The teacher does not have to be a trained certified Anchorsaway teacher to teach this series, but it is recommended.