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This clip is a gift from Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is a look at how people of conflicting worldviews speak about God. Encourage students to identify the different worldviews and to realize that all these people were created in God’s image to know and love Him. Are we ready to learn and speak the language of those who do not know our Lord? Ask students if they know people like those in this clip. Do we have a message of hope for them?

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A group of kindergarten students were asked what they thought about God. The answers are from the heart and very uplifting. What happens to childlike faith? What destroys it? What can we do to recapture it?

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Letting God define Himself is essential to our understanding of who He is in the ever-changing landscape of our culture, circumstances and sometimes our own misleading feelings.

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Listen to Lesson 3 Who is God? by Nancy Fitzgerald

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by Nancy Fitzgerald