Worldview Handbook

The Anchorsaway Worldview Curriculum is a comprehensive and practical means of teaching students to understand the Christian faith with the mind, as well as with the heart. The curriculum chapters cover life questions that Christians and skeptics have regarding their origin, the mess that the world is in, the hope for a world that makes sense, the purpose of their life, and their destiny when they die. “Anchors” is taught so that students develop an authentic faith of their own, a lifestyle that is reflective of Christ, and a passion for sharing truth with others. A great deal of emphasis is placed on being a good listener to others who think differently than what the Christian worldview espouses. The students will interact in a way that will cause others to begin to think about life and God in a way that they never have before. Hopefully, the Christian student will someday have the privilege of directly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Along with each question/lesson, there is an anchor point (a biblical truth that answers the life question of the night). By the end of the semester, each student should have his/her questions answered and should know the biblical truths as well. Click on any question to see the one-page overview of that lesson.

Lesson 1: What Is the Christian Worldview?

Lesson 2: What Are the Five Major Worldviews?

Lesson 3: Who Is God?

Lesson 4: Is the Bible Reliable?

Lesson 5: Was Jesus Christ Resurrected? Why Does It Matter?

Lesson 6: Is Jesus Christ God? What Is the Trinity?

Lesson 7: What Is a Christian? Am I One?

Lesson 8: Did Life Just Happen or Were We Created?

Lesson 9: Who Is the god of Islam?

Lesson 10: Covenant: What Is the Big Picture of God’s Redemption of

Lesson 11: Who Is Satan and How Does He Work?

Lesson 12: What Is a Cult?

Lesson 13: Why Don’t the Jews Believe in Jesus?

Lesson 14: How Does God View the Homosexual?

Lesson 15: What Is the Christian Role in Cultural Reconciliation?

Lesson 16: What Are the Moral Implications of Bioethics?

Lesson 17: What Are the Biblical Principles to Wise Financial Planning?

Lesson 18: How Can I Become a Leader Who Influences Culture for Christ?

Lesson 19: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Lesson 20: How Do I Make Good Life Choices?

Lesson 21: What Are the Keys to Building Healthy Relationships?