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Sequence: A brief overview of where the name “Bible” came from and how papyrus was originally used. We also discover the originations of the Koran and the Book Of Mormon, each came from one prophetic source only. The Bible came from many peoples , many historical stories, as well as several prophets.

Sequence: The Bible is divided into the Old and New Testaments and many books. There are certain books within the Bible that all Christians and Catholics agree, and in which Judasim and Christianity agree.

Sequence: The old Testament was faithfully copied by scribes. Scribes is from the greek word, “sofer” which is to count. Every word and letter was counted; any misspellings would render the entire scroll to be trashed. The job was a holy one and great discipline and dedication was necessary to work with the scrolls.

The Sequence: The discovery of the dead sea scrolls in the 20th Century. In some cases, the documents were written 1,000 years before Christ. This was an amazing discovering and reinforces the historical lineage of the Old Testament.

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Realizing the Bible is the reliable unchanging Word of God is more important to our relationship with Him than we might understand. The Bible is foundation for the Christian faith. Not only does God speak to us in our heart as we read Scripture, but it also prepares us to defend the Word of God when people try to discredit or challenge its authenticity. 

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by Nancy Fitzgerald

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