Spiritism Worldview Clips

PLEASE NOTE: These videos can only be used within the educational context of teaching an Anchorsaway class.

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Scene: In this epilogue to the movie, Harry Potter, now a dad and father of two, is sending his oldest boy to the special train station that takes young witches and wizards off to Hogwarts.

Teaching Point: This is Spiritism. The Harry Potter series’ plot relies on the use and promotion of witchcraft. In this particular excerpt we hear about a hat choosing a student’s fate and people’s belief in magic giving them the ability to walk through walls into other dimensions of “reality”.

Scene: This is one of the movie trailers for Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Bella (the main character) is a human who marries a vampire and finds out that she is carrying a half human/half vampire child. She must drink blood (not shown in this trailer) so that both she and the child can survive, but the werewolves that descend from a Native American tribe do not want this child to be born as they are enemies with vampires.

Teaching Point: God is nowhere to be found in this series, but everyone other than the humans are immortal. Humans can turn into immortal beings if they are bitten by vampires which in turn makes them only satisfied by drinking blood. These werewolves and vampires are transformed into super humans by appeasing immortal beings.

Scene: In this classic line from the Sixth Sense, a child admits to seeing dead people.

Teaching Point: Interaction with the spirits of people who have died is actually contact with demons and principalities of darkness. People are either in heaven or hell after they die, therefore anything walking around even with the appearance of those who have died are demonic.

Scene: A movie trailer of the concluding epic battle between good and evil in the Harry Potter series.

Teaching Point: The world portrayed in this series is one in which spirits, spells and magic are depended upon for survival and fulfillment of fate. The is no recognition of an all-knowing, all-powerful creator God. The world and all that lies therein is determined by spirits (which are demonic in nature; even satan can disguise himself as an angel of light).

Scene: Pocahontas goes to visit an ancient spirit in the form of a tree. She is seeking advice.

Teaching Point: This is a movie that is both Spiritism and Pantheism. It is about a transformed pagan priestess who gets advice from trees and performs magic to to find answers to her problems. This spreads ecological spiritualism.

Scene: Ray is walking in his field of corn and hears a voice saying, “If you build it, they will come”. He does not know from where it is coming.

Teaching point: The movie, Field of Dreams, is a feel good movie that has by many been called a Christian movie. It is not. The essence of the movie is that if you dream, it will become a reality. In this case, the baseball players of the past are not figments of imagination, but are ghosts who have come to play baseball and to make people feel good.  Jesus calls such spirits demons, thus making this movie a Spiritist movie.

This series involves a group of kids who are interacting with alarming supernatural forces. This clip shows one of the kids mentally manipulating objects.

A young man enters the land of the dead to communicate with deceased ancestors.

This clip shows a variety of wizards, and then culminates with a battle between two characters using magic wands.