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A Timeline for Establishing a New Anchorsaway Class

The first thing you should do if you want to start up a Anchorsaway class is sign up for teacher training. After completing the training, whether on-line or in person through an Anchorsaway teacher Worldview Bootcamp and teacher training class, you will be able to purchase the Anchorsaway Teacher's Christian Worldview Curriculum (red in color). If you would rather show the lesson videos of the lecture rather then teach them yourself, then you should buy the Facilitator's Christian Worldview Curriculum (green). We highly recommend, however,  that as a facilitator, you sign up and go through the teacher training so that you might be better equipped to answer questions that students might ask and get a better handle on what is expected of you as a facilitator. The following timeline will help you as you plan for a successful Anchorsaway class. Blessings to you as you start this journey! 

Several months before the beginning of your new class:

  • Starting an Anchorsaway teaching class is much easier with a small group of people to help you. That group should include a teacher/facilitator, an administrator who would do the detail work, networkers who can contact interested parents and others in the community, potential small group leaders and community leaders. The size of this group will vary from class to class.
  • Before enlisting any volunteers (this includes any guest speakers) to be part of the ministry, have them view the promotional video under the About section on our website and sign the Statement of Faith.
  • Select the teacher, assistant teacher and at least two others who catch the vision and are willing to help after seeing the promotional video. Meet with them to review the ministry profile and the ministry manual. Make copies of the Statement of Faith and have the teacher and the assistant teacher and the Administrator read and sign the copies.
  • Keep these on file. Both the teacher and the assistant teacher must agree to teach only the Anchorsaway curriculum, and should indicate this in writing. This protects the integrity of the lessons and allows the students to follow along in their Student Worldview Handbooks. There is more than enough material in each lesson.  
  • Attend an Anchorsaway Worldview Bootcamp or go through our Online Teacher Training. Note: at a minimum, the teacher must have attended the Anchorsaway training conference or trained online to be able to purchase materials. It is strongly recommended that the administrator and assistant leader attend training if possible.
  • Partner with local churches to build a community program. Identify potential ministries through your friendships and personal contacts. Ask your friends to introduce you to their pastor, youth pastor and/or youth workers and join you as you share your vision for Anchorsaway. Explain that the program is designed to complement what they are doing in their youth ministry, not replace it or compete with it. Let them know that the sessions will be conducted outside of the church, in a home or another meeting place and will be open to students from other churches and high schools in the area. Make sure youth pastors know that you are not asking for any commitments from them other than support through prayer.
  • Talk with heads of para-church organizations in your community (FCA, YFC, Young Life, Campus Crusade for Christ and others). Show the promo video (3 minute) and ask them to team up with you in reaching high school students. They can tell their students and perhaps you, or someone on your team, could go to speak to juniors and seniors about attending your Anchorsaway class.
  • After training your leaders, determine your goals for the next year, what size and the type of group you envision.
  • Set up a time to visit church youth groups to speak with the junior and senior high school students.
  • Secure a place to meet, other than a church or school.

Three months before the beginning of class:

  • Begin to identify potential small group leaders. Check with pastors and youth ministers in partnering churches to see if they know of any young adults who would like to participate in Anchorsaway as a small group leader.
  • Meet with small group leaders and go over their responsibilities. The outline for this meeting is found on the teacher’s website under the main menu tab, “Getting Started” and the sub-tab, “Role of the Teacher”.
  • The teacher/facilitator, administrator, and small group leaders should meet to select the elective lessons they are planning to teach.
  • Select and enlist guest speakers.
  • Assign small group leaders to specific local high schools to collect the names of potential students through sports, committees, and/or friends. Make copies of the Statement of Faith from the “About” section on the main website or under “Getting Started” on the teacher website and ask the small group leaders to read and sign a copy.

One month before the beginning of class:

  • Double check to make sure that the meeting place is secure.
  • Visit partner churches to talk with the junior and senior high school students. Invite those who show interest to come and bring a friend.
  • Confirm small group leaders and invite them to your home for dessert to go over the final details for the first night of class.
  • Pray that God will protect the hearts and minds of those coming to the class.
  • Make and print promotional fliers. Ideas for fliers are found under the “Extras” tab on the teacher’s website.

One week before the beginning of class:

  • Hold a final preparatory meeting with the small group leaders, teacher and assistant teacher.
  • Create a box for the “Question Box” questions.
  • Make nametags for all students. The template is found under the “Extras” tab on the teacher’s website.
  • PRAY