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On the surface, the obvious answer to this question is to look at the sunset, the birth of a baby, or an event that can be supported by more historic evidence than any other in the history of the world, the death and resurrection of Jesus. The intent of this person’s question was on a more personal level. This person was frustrated that God wasn’t speaking into and showing him a clear answer to his issue.

This is a question that we all have pondered at one time or another. I sometimes felt that God was playing the game of hide and seek with me. I would ask for things to happen that I thought were reasonable, and nothing happened. I wanted to believe, but I felt, at times, that Christianity was a leap in the dark.

Could it be that God is very obvious but not forcefully obvious?

Perhaps a part of the answer to this question is God’s desire to change the heart and allow us as humans to come to God to worship Him and follow Him for God’s glory and not our own agendas. It is not a matter of only knowing God through the intellect knowing God, it is a matter of God wanting a deeper and more profound personal relationship with Him that does not demand but instead celebrates His love and care for all who believe no matter what the circumstance.

Could it be a matter of knowing God for who He says He is and completely trusting in His character instead of demanding from Him to be and do for us?

The Bible tells us He is always: The one and only true God, Unchanging,  All knowing, All powerful, All present, Personal, Truth, Good, Love, Faithful, Righteous, Holy, Kind, and Peace.

God promised to send us a “comforter.” the Holy Spirit who is God Himself, to live in all believers. The Holy Spirit prays for us, empowers, protects, cleanses us, convicts of sin, and guides us.

Where do we most experience Him? It is when we are in the Bible, reading and praying through His word! That is when he reveals Himself to us and guide us through the painful, beautiful and the ordinary times in our lives.

How would our lives and demands on God change if we really believe this to be true?

A radical thought: Might the greater call for all of us be to be used by God to love others well no matter what the cost? The people could see the Spirit of God living in us!