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It is officially the Christmas season when we commemorate the birth of Jesus, the savior of the world! Churches are celebrating, homes are being decorated, and the stores are in full splendor with millions of people buying gifts for those whom they love while Hark the herald angels sing…Oh, little town of Bethlehem…are playing in the background of the Christmas noise.

Through the eyes of a Christ follower, it seems like it is impossible to miss the message of Jesus. For those who are unchurched and do not know Jesus, it is easy. I was one of those who celebrated Christmas with the best of them for 32 years with no understanding of who Jesus is, and it is happening to millions of skeptics every Christmas.

Why do many people choose to reject Jesus as Savior? My own hurdles to salvation were:

  • I saw myself as good then, why would I need a savior?
  • The fear of what my friends and co-workers would think was too scary. The need for Jesus was not great enough.
  • No one asked, “Why is it that you do not believe in Jesus?” No one told me that God loved me even though I didn’t know Him.
  • No one was willing or prepared to answer my questions that I had…”How could a loving God allow…
  • I was totally turned off by Christians who were judgmental, hypocritical and unloving.

What do we do with friends, co-workers, and family who are turned off to Jesus and to us? Now is the season to open up friendly conversations, not preachy ones, with those whom God puts in our path.

See them a persons who are dearly loved by God.

Love and serve them without saying a word.

Let them see you as someone they can come to without fear of condemnation but rather someone with an open heart to listen.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through you to guide your conversations and draw your friend to Him…that is His job! Jesus promised the apostles that the Holy Spirit would “convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment” John 16:8.