“Screenagers”, the newest generation age 19 and under, are coming of age and are bringing with them an insatiable appetite for success and happiness. They say they are willing to work hard to gain the educational and professional achievement they desire. This is a big shift from the millennial generation before them who is generally unmotivated. Screenagers, also called Gen Z or Digital Natives, want to experience success in school and in the workplace. They are also the first generation to grow up with smart phones and iPads which have become their way of communicating, gaining friends and learning “truth”.

The downside of Screenagers is causing upheaval in families who place great value on faith, healthy relationships, good communication and solid moral values. In the latest Barna poll of this generation, they listed, in order, the things that have made them who they are: 1. Achievement, 2. Hobbies, 3. Gender, 4. Friends, 5. Family and6. Religion. This is the first generation to not put family as the most important influence in their life. This generation lives out a post-modern worldview, leaving many of them lonely, anxious, depressed and and having little interest in youth group or church. They are confused as to who they are to the point that many have adopted the idea that their gender is whatever they want it to be. Needless to say, they, as a group, struggle with reality.

Here is a new video from the Barna research group that will help you better understand the Screenagers, also known as Digital Natives.

We hope this gives you a well-rounded snapshot of the newest generation and encourages you to reach out to them. Form relationships with those in your sphere of influence. Offer a listening ear, share truth wrapped in grace and impart practical wisdom in helping them set and fulfill academic and professional goals.
Here are some suggestions of how to speak into this generation. What can we do?

1.  Pray

2.  The older generation who has held education and achievement at a high level now has an opportunity to speak into older students in helping them better understand what professions they might consider and mentor them in what it takes to be successful.

3.  For Christian families, pray daily as a family either in the morning or evening with members praying for one another.

4.  Find a place to go to serve the less fortunate in your community or in another community.

5.  Be open to hosting friends for dinner. Try having non-preachy discussions.

6.  Have movie night and with discussions that follow.

7.  Take the time to have intentional one-on-one conversations with your children.

8.  Even though they may not recognize you as making them who they are, 56% of them say that their parents are their biggest role model. They are observant!

9.  This atheistic Gen Z group provides an opportunity to engage with solid biblical worldview foundations. They will accept truth if you take the time to teach it to them!

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