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Yes, there is a difference.

Allah is the name of the god that the Muslims worship. In Arabic it means, “the only god”. The nature of Allah is strikingly different from the God of the Bible. Allah is unknowable and uninterested in the daily lives of Muslims. He can do good and evil. With all the names of Allah, the attributes of love, justice and mercy are missing. There is no hope with the Muslim in having eternal life in heaven with a loving God.

Yahweh. There is one name that is unique to the God of the Bible. This name is Yahweh-an alternative transliteration is Jehovah. Yahweh refers to “the self-existent, eternal God” the name God revealed to Moses. Unlike Allah of the Muslim religion, the God of the Bible is holy, righteous and does not create sin and evil. God is always merciful and the Redeemer. He is always loving, just and merciful.

The higher power has no definition of it’s own. It can be whom or what ever someone wants it to be. Some people would reference to the God of the Bible while others would say that the higher power is some universal oversoul or perhaps the god within.

The real question is the question that Jesus asked, “whom do you say I am?” Are you going to worship a force, a false idol called Allah or Jehovah? Your answer will dictate your eternal destiny.