Anchorsaway is a Christian leadership training and worldview resource ministry targeting adults who want to learn how to build a strong biblical worldview for themselves and then learn how to teach it to others.


Our mission at Anchorsaway is to instruct, challenge and inspire adults, youth workers, ministry staff, pastors and anyone who wants to learn to think Christianly in all areas of life, to passionately live out their faith and to love God and others well.




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Anchorsaway now offers a video course for adults who want to learn the same things that we are teaching in Anchors. You can now take the full course online individually, or get an introduction to the concepts in our Worldview Bootcamp.


Real talk about your most significant worldview questions

Do all religions believe in the same Jesus?

Most religious people believe that being a good person is a ticket to Heaven. The historical Jesus is not God in all religions and cults except Christianity. What do the major religions believe about the deity ofJesus? Aren’t they all the same? J. Warner Wallace...

Is the Jesus in The Chosen movie series a false Jesus?

Christian leader and writer AW Tozer wrote, "The horrible travesty we have in America today is Christianity without holiness”. Hundreds of false religions and cults that purport to be Christian because they believe in their own version of Jesus are successfully...

Is the Asbury “revival” genuine?

Remember when you first became a Christian? For those of you raised in a Christian home where Jesus was loved and lived out, consider yourself blessed. For many of us who were not so fortunate, placing faith in Jesus was a massive paradigm shift. I was 32 when I...

Whom can I trust?

Social media, the internet, YouTube, and television fuel our anxiety with loud voices of impending disaster. Mass shootings, floods, earthquakes, viruses, wars, and threats of war have thrown the world into a frenzy. Anxiety and suicides are at all-time highs. We are...

What does it mean to be good?

I wish I had a penny for every time I strongly encouraged my children to be "good." By that, I meant I expected them to follow instructions, be helpful, and be kind. It sounds like a normal request until I apply my definition of "good" to God's. There has never been,...

How deep is the Father’s love for His Son and for us?

I never experienced God’s love until I became a parent. I never knew that kind of love existed. Within minutes of the births of our sons and daughter, I would have laid down my life for any one of them. Now they are grown, I would do the same for them. Undoubtedly,...

What is a counterfeit Christian religion?

A counterfeit Christian religion is a religious group that claims to be Christian but is not! Five thousand of these counterfeit groups of people in the United States meet the definition of a cult but identify themselves as Christians. The primary markings of a cult...

What does it mean to be set free?

God is a giver of great gifts. Paul writes in Ephesians 1:3, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places,” In verse 4-7 He writes, “In him we have redemption through his...

What is the significance of Jesus being The Good Shepherd?

One of the most amazing things about Jesus is that He is not only the all-powerful creator of the Universe but also a personal God. He created each of us uniquely different from one another with the potential to love and have a close relationship with Him. God is not...

Where is God when my expectations go unmet?

In the first Century, a Jewish betrothal or engagement was an essential part of the marriage process and was as binding as marriage itself. Those initiating the betrothal and witnesses to the event would likely sign a marriage contract called a ketubah. Therefore, if...

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We have written syllabus for homeschool, Christian high school, Christian college and the Anchors Worldview Handbook for students to study as they work through the course online or in person. Anyone can learn. You can also engage with our ongoing resources provided on our blog and through Moody Radio.

UNANSWERED: Smoke, Mirrors, and God 

Our UNANSWERED: Smoke, Mirrors, and God course is a great place to start.


As a result of training teachers to teach Anchorsaway , our hope is that through the work of the Holy Spirit, students will develop an authentic faith resulting in personal regeneration, moral revival and cultural restoration!

There is absolutely no doubt that an Anchorsaway student will develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. They will be prepared to give an answer to those who have questions about God, our purpose and the hope we can all have in this broken world.

Students will learn the apologetics of the Christian faith as well as how to live out their faith in all of life.

You can be trained to teach Anchorsaway class in your community!


Here is what other’s are saying about their Anchorsaway experience:

“Nancy Fitzgerald and Anchorsaway are doing a fabulous job teaching young people how to defend and live out their faith. That is a mission field, and should be our number one mission field, because we are discovering that young men and women who come out of youth groups, good families and churches are losing their faith when they get on the college campuses.”

Chuck Colson

Author and Founder of Prison Fellowship

 “If you are looking for a high school worldview curriculum, Anchorsaway is an excellent choice.”

Amy K.

Highschool Teacher

“There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration by injected humour.”

Doug Fields

Author & Speaker

“In the battle being waged for the hearts and minds of young people today, it is essential that they be grounded in their faith and learn to ‘think Christianly.’ Anchorsaway is one of the best programs I’ve seen that not only equips students to understand our times, but also to impact our culture through the Biblical Christian worldview.”

Dr. David A. Noebel

President, Summit Ministries

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