Anchorsaway is a Christian leadership training and worldview resource ministry targeting adults who want to learn how to build a strong biblical worldview for themselves and then learn how to teach it to others.


Our mission at Anchorsaway is to instruct, challenge and inspire adults, youth workers, ministry staff, pastors and anyone who wants to learn to think Christianly in all areas of life, to passionately live out their faith and to love God and others well.




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Anchorsaway now offers a video course for adults who want to learn the same things that we are teaching in Anchors. You can now take the full course online individually, or get an introduction to the concepts in our Worldview Bootcamp.


Real talk about your most significant worldview questions

Can I believe and not be saved?

To answer to this question we must ask, “what do you mean by “believing” and being “saved”? Does “believing” mean giving mental ascent to something, but does not influence how you live? Or, is your belief in Jesus transforming the way you think and live your life?...

Is there a conflict between science and my faith in God?

If God is who He says He is, and science is knowledge or a system within His creation, there should be no conflict between science and faith. Through the sciences, the truth of God's creation is evident. If God doesn't exist and the Bible is just a collection of...

Is it wrong to question that the Bible is Truth?

No! There are a multitude of religious books that claim to have the inside track to God. As an agnostic, I asked those Christians who wanted to engage me in conversations about God if they believed that the Bible is the Word of God. All, without exception, answered...

How can I develop the heart of an encourager?

To listen to Nancy’s answer recorded from Moody radio, click below. We all need and appreciate a word of encouragement. To be an encourager goes beyond random words and acts of kindness. It is a person who continually gives and encourages others by words, love, hope,...

Why should I forgive those who have deeply hurt me?

Hurt is pandemic and will continue until we leave this world and live with Christ forever in Heaven! Some of the pain and suffering we currently, or have previously experienced, leaves us with personal brokenness that can stretch our faith to its breaking point. The...

Why is it so difficult to live for God but so easy to live for myself?

"If there is a 'wet paint, do not touch' sign, I am the first to touch it." "If I get just a single dip of ice cream, it's no big deal. I can still stick to my no-sweets-diet!" "I am jealous of a friend of mine so I feel justified putting her down." "I know I should...

Why does it matter that we were created as humans?

It matters because no human is a mistake. All those whom God created are loved. God purposed all humans to become more like Him by how we love and live our lives. It matters because life on earth does not work without God's love, saving grace, and guidance. On the 6th...

How do we as Christians navigate in a culture where absolute truth is adamantly unwelcome?

I spoke early morning in a high school to a Christian group of students about the uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth. I talked about Jesus being God, who came as a man to earth to die for all the sins of all humankind. I shared that He had no favorites and loved all...

Why is listening to other people’s life stories important?

"Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger" (James 1:19). Part of earning the right to speak into lives about Jesus comes first with a heart's desire to listen to the life stories, questions and concerns of those...

What does God require of those who believe in Him?

I had the privilege of hearing former football great Deion Sanders speak about his new job as coach at the University of Colorado. He said that he recruits those athletes who are “all in” with their commitment to playing football for the University. He is not afraid...

OUR Resources


We have written syllabus for homeschool, Christian high school, Christian college and the Anchors Worldview Handbook for students to study as they work through the course online or in person. Anyone can learn. You can also engage with our ongoing resources provided on our blog and through Moody Radio.

UNANSWERED: Smoke, Mirrors, and God 

Our UNANSWERED: Smoke, Mirrors, and God course is a great place to start.


As a result of training teachers to teach Anchorsaway , our hope is that through the work of the Holy Spirit, students will develop an authentic faith resulting in personal regeneration, moral revival and cultural restoration!

There is absolutely no doubt that an Anchorsaway student will develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. They will be prepared to give an answer to those who have questions about God, our purpose and the hope we can all have in this broken world.

Students will learn the apologetics of the Christian faith as well as how to live out their faith in all of life.

You can be trained to teach Anchorsaway class in your community!


Here is what other’s are saying about their Anchorsaway experience:

“Nancy Fitzgerald and Anchorsaway are doing a fabulous job teaching young people how to defend and live out their faith. That is a mission field, and should be our number one mission field, because we are discovering that young men and women who come out of youth groups, good families and churches are losing their faith when they get on the college campuses.”

Chuck Colson

Author and Founder of Prison Fellowship

 “If you are looking for a high school worldview curriculum, Anchorsaway is an excellent choice.”

Amy K.

Highschool Teacher

“There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration by injected humour.”

Doug Fields

Author & Speaker

“In the battle being waged for the hearts and minds of young people today, it is essential that they be grounded in their faith and learn to ‘think Christianly.’ Anchorsaway is one of the best programs I’ve seen that not only equips students to understand our times, but also to impact our culture through the Biblical Christian worldview.”

Dr. David A. Noebel

President, Summit Ministries

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