Anchorsaway Worldview Bootcamp Online


The purpose of this course is to enable all to better understand the Christian faith and learn how to engage and grasp the ideas behind non-biblical worldviews and then be equipped to dialogue with anyone about God, truth and faith. There is much confusion among Christians as to who God is and few can give the reason how they know for sure that the Bible is the word of God. All of these topics will be covered in this bootcamp. Warning: Be prepared to experience a new freedom and confidence in your faith.

The questions to be answered in the Bootcamp are: What is the Christian Worldview?, What are the Five Major Worldviews?, Who is God? and Is the Bible Reliable?

Upon completion of bootcamp, you will gain access to purchase our Online Teacher Training, Core Lessons Series, World Religions Series, Life Issues Series, and/or our Leadership Series.

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