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What Others Are Saying

We are very excited to begin using “Unanswered” as part of our equipping of Christian business leaders. 

For over 15 years, our ministry Truth At Work has worked with hundreds of Christian business owners and executives, equipping them to integrate their faith into the way they lead and build their companies and organizations.

We have seen a shift in our nation over the last few years- a change in our culture, moving at break neck speed. And one of the most incredible changes we have seen is a rapid decline not only in the morality of the culture in general, but a lack of training and understanding of a Biblical worldview by those who consider themselves followers of Christ.

The “Unanswered” program is a great resource to help those who don’t know Jesus on a personal level to develop a relationship with Him- to understand who He is, and what He can mean for their lives. It is also a tremendous resource to help followers of Christ to establish a much deeper and more solid biblical worldview upon which to process today’s world and issues.

I highly recommend the “Unanswered” program, and look forward to seeing it impact many lives in the marketplace.

Ray Hilbert
CEO Truth at Work

Our culture has many voices that distort and deny truth. All who love truth should welcome every voice that affirms truth.Unanswered: Smoke, Mirrors and God is another voice that affirms truth! This curriculum builds a solid foundation of the Christian faith as it motivates people to become who God created them to be. It is a life-changing study that must be studied by all.

Dr. A. Charles Ware
President Crossroads Bible College, Author and Speaker

First, there was Anchorsaway. For two decades this life changing ministry has helped to anchor young people across the country in their Christian faith through its cutting edge biblical world view training and curriculum.

Added to that, now there is the Unanswered Project! In this in-depth yet practical book and discussion guide with DVDs, the Unanswered Project answers many of the hard questions related to Christian faith such as how can a God of love allow suffering and can the Bible be trusted? Then it goes to the next level and equips participants to share the curriculum with others who are turned off to God because they are sick of the hypocrisy of Christians and Churches who have not given them a reason to stay. Nancy Fitzgerald, founder of Anchorsaway and the Unanswered Project has taken lessons from her years as an atheist and turned them into a relevant biblical worldview tool kit destined to change lives for eternity!

Patricia R. Johnson
PhD, Associate Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University & author of Journey Into God’s Presence.

With all that is taking place in our culture today, there is a clear call for Christians to speak and live out the truth of the biblical worldview in the public square. In the curriculum series “Unanswered: Smoke, Mirrors and God,” Nancy Fitzgerald has provided an excellent tool for Christians to better understand their faith and to articulate it to others. This will not only help believers build a stronger foundation of truth, but it will give them confidence in proclaiming Christ to the world. I wholeheartedly endorse Unanswered and encourage all Christians and Churches to use it.

John Stonestreet
President, Colson Center for Biblical Worldview