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Curriculum Overview

The Anchorsaway curricula has been developed as a comprehensive and practical means of teaching students of all ages to better understand the Christian faith with all their heart, mind and spirit. The chapters are based around life questions that Christians, as well as non-believers have regarding our origin, the mess world is in, the hope that we can have when our world makes no sense, the purpose of our life and our destiny when we die. Anchorsaway is taught in a way to help students develop an authentic faith in God, a lifestyle that is reflective of Christ, in addition to a passion to share truth with others. A great deal of emphasis is placed on being a good listener to others who think differently than what the Christian worldview espouses. Students interact in a way that will hopefully cause others to think about life and God in a way they never have before.

By the end of the semester, each student should have most of his/her questions answered and should know foundational biblical truths. Although the curriculum was originally created for high school juniors, seniors and college students, we are strongly encouraging adult groups to study biblical worldview through our Unanswered: Smoke, Mirrors and God study. Adult classes are a great way to recruit small group leaders and/or start up Anchorsaway classes for students. Emphasis on adult classes, besides learning the material, is on the mentoring, coaching, and teaching future high school and college students as well as other adult students.

The Anchorsaway curriculum is available in three different formats:

Teacher’s Worldview Curriculum

The Teacher’s Worldview Curriculum was created to help Christians like you who are familiar with the Christian worldview and have the gift of teaching, to effectively communicate the Christian worldview and how to live and convey it to the world. As a trained teacher, you will study the subject matter of each lesson from your own sources and/or from the recommended reading list in the appendix. Following the large group session, you will divide the students into small groups. The small group leaders then follow the outline designed for that portion of the lesson. You should also watch the lesson video for personal preparation or for showing to your class. Please do not hesitate to have the class watch a lesson video if you feel unable to teach a particular lesson.

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Facilitator’s Worldview Curriculum

The Facilitator’s Worldview Curriculum was created for those who would like to lead an Anchorsaway class, but do not feel comfortable teaching. Facilitators play the lesson video for the class and then lead small group discussion afterward.

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Anchorsaway Homeschool Curriculum

The Anchorsaway Homeschool Curriculum was formed in response to interest from homeschool teachers. This curriculum is very versatile and gives the students an opportunity to earn high school credits while learning about worldview and the foundations of the Christian faith.

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