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Welcome to Anchorsaway! 

Anchorsaway is a grassroots biblical worldview ministry taught by adults in communities around the world. It is a college-level Christian worldview educational curriculum targeting high school junior and seniors, college students and adults. The purpose of Anchorsaway is to solidify each student's biblical foundation and to equip him/her to confidently live out their faith in every area of life. Our hope is that God would work through those studying the curriculum to bring about personal regeneration, moral revival and cultural restoration. The curriculum is foundational and relevant to life issues and is designed to be taught in a home in the community by Christians who come together to learn, process and mentor students. It can also be taught in a variety of venues: churches, the workplace Bible studies, mission groups, camps, para-church ministries and home churches. We are in 13 countries! 

This curriculum is critical for those who are searching for answers about God, life and their purpose in life. The vast majority of those, young and old, have very little understanding of their faith and God and consequently turn away from their faith and walk away from their church or attend church on Sunday as a duty of something they do for an hour a week. That is why up to up to 90% of self proclaimed Christians will lose their faith by the time they graduate from college. The drop-off in faith begins as young as junior high and culminates in college. This curriculum is designed to bring prodigal sons and daughters back to Christ, to strengthen the faith of those who have one and to encourage seekers to find God!

We are looking for Christians to become trained to teach Anchorsaway in their communities. You can be trained on this site or you can attend one of our teacher training classes. If you do not want to teach it, then you can purchase the Facilitator's curriculum and use the DVDs to do the teaching for you. You do not need to be trained to teach the Facilitator's curriculum but it would make your job easier if you did!

Please join us in this all-important battle to reclaim hearts and minds to the glory of God.


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