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Welcome to the Certified Teacher’s website! This site is designed to make your Anchorsaway teaching experience successful. We suggest perusing the site to get familiar with all that it has to offer. As you learned in the training process, all teachers must be well equipped to teach each lesson. This site helps makes it easy to be equipped! Before you teach a class, please watch the video lessons. Then, download the PowerPoint for that lesson and change it to your liking! Please do not bring in outside material except for a worldview article for the opening exercises or personal experiences within the lesson to emphasize a point. We ask this because we want the material in each lesson to be covered in a way that the students will be able to follow along in their Anchorsaway Worldview Handbook. By sticking to the outline in the Teacher’s Handbook you will be able to not only finish the lesson within the allotted time but will also insure that each student will build a strong and broad biblical worldview base.

All Anchorsaway material is copyright protected. It is a copyright infringement to copy or make copies of any page or material without written permission from Anchorsaway.

You will notice the comment opportunities available for you on the lesson pages. Please let us know what works for you and what does not, ideas of a unique way to teach a concept and also what movie clips we could add to support a specific lesson. This website is designed to be interactive and will grow as you help us with your suggestions!

Contact us at any time at our office if you have a question by phone at (317) 844-0381 or by email, [email protected].

Thank you for joining us in teaching Anchorsaway and God bless you in this endeavor!