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Welcome Parents, 

Thank you for visiting our website! We know that you are here because of your love and concern for the hearts and minds of your children. You are not alone. Parents across the country are asking if there is any help for their children and if so, what can be done to build into them a real life-changing sustaining faith.     

What is happening with our kids today? Students are opting out of following Jesus in record numbers. They want to learn and not be talked down to with Bible stories that have little relevance to their life. They want to learn the hows and whys of the Christian faith as well as other belief systems. They are sick and tired of religious rules that leave them feeling guilty. They stumble with hypocrisy running through the church, youth groups and in their own Christian families. Many churches and youth groups are not teaching the foundations of the Christian faith and the results of this are disastrous. 

Click here for statistics on the spiritual and moral condition of today's culture.

If our children have not been taught the foundational truths of the Christian faith, how then can we expect them to trust in a God that they do not know? How can we expect them to develop a heart for reading the Bible when no one has taught them why the Bible is the true word of God?     

Is there any hope? YES! Young people today want to learn about God and they want to be mentored. They want their lives to count for God. The good news is that you, the parent, have and will always have the greatest influence in your child’s life. They need your love and approval of them as a person - even on a bad day. 

Check out this video on how to speak truth and encouragement into others!

We want you to continue or perhaps begin to study what your teens and maybe even you and other adults have been looking for…answers to questions about God! Please click on the Anchorsaway store link in the column to the right or on the link below to order Unanswered: Smoke, Mirrors and God book with the accompanying videos and study guide now to start this journey! You do not have to know all the answers to all the questions to use this study. You will learn with your group as you go! 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at the Anchorsaway office: 317-844-0381