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How Does God View the Homosexual?

Tue, April 17, 20187:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Anchorsaway Welcomes Ty Wyss of Walls Down Ministries.

Walls Down is a ministry that equips the church to reach out in their daily lives to the LGBT people with whom they already have relationships.  The heart for this ministry came out of a specific time with the Lord in Sept. 2012 where God seemed to give him His perspective on what was happening in our culture regarding sexuality, and how the cultural war on the issue of homosexuality, only continued to add more bricks to the wall between the Christian and LGBT communities. Opportunities for Christians to reach gay people were turned into standoffs, and instead of extending invitations to know Christ, everyone reached for a sword.  The result was that neither community trusted the other, making it very difficult when Christians tried to tell LGBT people that they can trust God with their lives and look to Him for life-giving ways of sexuality and gender expression.

So the heart of Walls Down is to help the Christian Church keep their focus on Christ’s invitation of abundant life, rather than winning a culture war, political debate, or trying to just change a person’s orientation.

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