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Plug & Play Facilitator Curriculum

The Anchorsaway curriculum for high school and college groups can be taught without special worldview training. It is a plug and play curriculum called the Anchorsaway Facilitator’s Worldview Curriculum. It is designed for those of you who have the gift of communication with high school, college and adult students, but do not feel comfortable teaching the curriculum on your own. This resource will provide the means to do all that is necessary for your group to thrive through the video lessons. You do not have to teach, just plug and play the videos and lead the discussion groups. The video lessons that accompany the Facilitator’s curriculum will serve as the teaching lesson.

For your students to get the most out of the curriculum and your facilitating, we are strongly encouraging you to go through the Anchorsaway teacher training. This training is available for you online by clicking on the Online Training icon in the right hand column. This training will teach you the first 8 lessons and how to set up your group in your church or home. It will give you a great picture of what biblical worldview is, what it means to see others as Jesus sees them and how to effectively open up your class week to week. All in all, it will greatly help you get a better idea of what this curriculum is all about.

By participating in teacher training and purchasing a curriculum, you will be given a login that will take you into the trained teacher site.  There, you will have access to all the lectures plus updated videos, review questions and answers to the question box in addition to all the PowerPoints to each lesson. I think that this site will give you important insight and confidence to have a great experience with the Anchorsaway curriculum! 

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