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Anchorsaway Worldview Bootcamp Live

Fri, November 9, 2018

Join us for Anchorsaway Worldview Bootcamp on Friday evening, November 9thand Saturday, November 10th. On Friday evening, we’ll learn the basics of the Christian worldview with an emphasis on knowing why you believe what you believe and how these beliefs inform your decision making and interactions with those in your sphere of influence. On Saturday, we’ll dig deeper into worldview by learning about the five major worldviews while being equipped with helpful tools to be more effective communicators when sharing our faith. Come and learn the language of God’s love and grace to those with whom you live and work from a Christian worldview perspective. We also invite you to stay Saturday afternoon for teacher training to learn how you can further impact the hearts of youth in your community.

Please register before attending the Bootcamp. Attendance is limited. Cost for 2-day Worldview Bootcamp is $50.

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