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Anchorsaway Worldview Training is a college-level Christian worldview educational experience targeting high school juniors and seniors and college students. The purpose is to encourage each student’s biblical and spiritual growth as they learn to confidently live out their faith in every area of life. There is absolutely no doubt that an Anchorsaway student will develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. They will be prepared to give an answer to those who who have questions about God, our purpose and hope that we can all have in this broken world. Students will learn the apologetics of the Christian faith as well as how to live out Truth in all of life.

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Anchorsaway Schedule 2020- Carmel, IN

January 21- Lesson 1 What is the Christian Worldview?

January 28- Lesson 2 What are the Five Major Worldviews?

February 4- Lesson 3 & Lesson 6 Who is God? Is Jesus Christ God? What is the Trinity?

February 11- Lesson 4 Is the Bible Reliable? 

February 18- Hot Topics- Lesson 14 & 20 How Does God View the Homosexual? How Do I Make Good Life Choices?

February 25- Lesson 8 Did Life Just Happen or Were We Created?

March 3- Lesson 19 Why Does God Allow Suffering?

March 10- Lesson 12 What is a Cult?

March 17- Lesson 7 What is a Christian? Am I One?

March 24- Senior Send Off- Cru/FCA/ YFC- Informational Meeting